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Saturday of Morning of my handphone sound in the reality chief of committee commanding me to come to campus. After I come in the reality she is alone and so I am accompanies. Long time ago all friends come at the same time and finally I go to home utilize to prepare my self because that moment I not ready to go. Precisely clock 10.00 AM participant go to location that is Island Situ Gintung laid at rather far from campus. At arrival there, participant rest because its event place also far from entrance. Finally the event can be started precisely clock 10.30 AM. New event opening in the reality the weather less support and go down rather small rain and pass the time around 1 hour. After finishing the event rain continued comfortably and peaceful.
Event early with letter Al-Fatihah reading opening, hereinafter godlike read Al-Qur’an which is read off by one of the class member that is Achmad Dzulfahmi. He read off letter Ad-Dhuha with according to tajwid.. Hereinafter the Master of Ceremony led by Rizki Alfian read off event hereinafter that is greeting.
When greeting event which is early by committee chief ( Ana Mutiara Oktivani), she can only tell some word which the source is target performing of this event namely strengthen string silaturrahmi and togetherness all friends in the class. The performing of the target becaused of all friends in the class less feel togetherness especially among woman and man less the existence of communications. Besides also the committee chief have prepared something to reaching of target of the event. Before committee chief tell his mentioned also apologize because this event is very tardy from determined schedule.
Greeting later on submitted by chief of class ( Mudzakir Fauzi), in his greeting he can only tell utterance of thank to chief of committee which have performed this event, particularly to one of the committee which have volunteer its bedtime used to think of executing of this very simple event. Besides also the he [do] not forget to render thanks to all [party/ side] assisting this event so that this event can be executed and expected [by] [his/its] event [is] useful hopefully. [He/She] also hope hopefully with the existence of this event [is] reached [by] the target of chief of committee namely to strengthen string of silaturrahmi and togetherness.
After greeting event have been continued with class structure Answer Underwriter Report event of during one part, at this event early by chief. In its report is chief have executed his duty as class chief that is fair to member, performing to open fasting with, performing a study, and last perform a event which is being executed. But from the program is I which have do in the reality there is which not executed by that is performing a study by the reason of time which do not support monitor add in its report. Besides also the monitor have biggest program that is performing a BAKSOS to public road child, besides performing a BAKSOS monitor also program to perform a chief commutation of every part commutation with a purpose to be every class member individual can feel to become leader. For the reason program of me which uncommitt hopefully can be continued by leader to come besides also the monitor hope monitor to come earning better than the monitor now.
After chief report duty during one semester continued by class secretary. In its report, secretary explain it’s ” I have divided some discussion group in each my eye study program and hereinafter is divide group at eye program of so that to beevery individual feel one group individually is other. Besides also the secretary expect to all class member hopefully can accept group which have determined of. After secretary report its duty, continued by class bursar, in its report, class do not conduct corruption little but explain expenditure and also incoming during one bursar and part also tell which the source the cash gathered by during one part of equal to Rp. 205.000,00 ( two hundreds five thousands rupiah).
After Answer Underwriter Report event from class structure, committee chief perform a game with a purpose to to be among woman and man can communicate. For the reason the committee divide participant oposite gender., linking class of more man of than woman, hence there is three man which do not get couple. All couple besottedly itshis joke, speaking, in place which different each other.
After speaking with his couple, event burn the chicken executed by committee. This event represent its rest event all participant and which burn chicken volunteer. Besides also in this event shares is women pose for lake periphery of while all man with pleasure burn chicken which have been provided by committee. Event burn the chicken pass the time two hour, precise of hour 2.00 PM event mess together with ready to started. After event mess together with, event of conversion of gift conducted. In conversion of gift in order not to be happened , committee allot number to participant, and the participant hope to take gift as according to his number. After all event executed, hence all member of pai C 08 performing a photo together. one class of pai 1 C 08. This is event which is made by class of pai C 08, hopefully this event is useful and become memory which will not be fallen into oblivion by whoever
Final of word of writer say many thank to readers. Besides, writer also apologize if in this writing many mistake of word and also sentence, because of writer still in study phase. For the reason the writer open wide criticize and suggestion from readers. Writer hope hopefully this article be of benefit to all of us. Tip of word of writer say:
Wassalamu’alaikum wr. wb.
Ciputat, 26 Januari 2009




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